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Paint Palette Paper - Introduction to Watercolour 6 Weeks Tuition

  • Paint Palette Paper -  Introduction to Watercolour 6 Weeks Tuition
  • Paint Palette Paper -  Introduction to Watercolour 6 Weeks Tuition
  • Paint Palette Paper -  Introduction to Watercolour 6 Weeks Tuition
  • Paint Palette Paper -  Introduction to Watercolour 6 Weeks Tuition
  • Paint Palette Paper -  Introduction to Watercolour 6 Weeks Tuition

In this six week course (6 x 2.5 hour lessons ) I will guide you with expert tuition to learn fundamental watercolour techniques. I have developed a beautiful course that incorporates applying valuable skills into completing a finished artwork each week.

This course is perfect for beginners and for intermediate painters wanting to explore the fundamental skills needed for watercolour success.

This course is located at Trisha's Crafty Studio at 17A Thorn Street, Ipswich, Queensland. Trisha offers a fabulous creative space surrounded by art and craft materials and with a cafe in store.

TERM 1 Dates
NEW - Evening Classes.
Thursday evenings 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Start: 3 February 2022
Finish: 10 March 2022

Monday Mornings 9:30am to 12:00pm
Delayed start due to Covid school holiday extension.
Start: 14 February 2022
Finish: 21 March 2022

A materials list will be provided. Students are welcome to bring their existing materials.

Where possible, a materials package will be available for purchase at Trisha's Crafty Studio.

Course Structure
Week One - Paint Palette Paper

I will take you through the process of how to mix watercolour paint. You will learn the quantities of water to paint ratios and how this is used to create value.

This technique is a staple skill for watercolour painting and one that requires practise. We will build on this skill throughout the course, so that by week six, it will be a natural part of your painting process.

Week Two - Fancy Fish, Wet in Wet

In week two we will explore the wet in wet process and discover how to achieve loose, watery washes.

The class will begin with exercises to practise this technique before moving onto a final piece incorporating Fancy Fish.

Week Three - Little Birds, Glazing

In week three we delve into glazing techniques. You will learn how to layer watercolour to make the most of its transparent qualities. We will be painting little birds such as blue wrens, sparrows and finches.

This class will continue to build on skills learned in weeks one and two. In addition, you will learn colour mixing and explore basic colour theory.

We will apply our new glazing and colour mixing skills to a finished piece of little birds.

Week Four - Experimental Landscapes, Mark Making

In week four we will have fun creating exciting marks on the paper. You will incorporate mediums into the painting process and learn how to use household items for exciting results.

We will also explore working larger, trying bold strokes, thinking about composition and experimenting with textures.

Our finished piece will be big, bold and balanced!

Week Five - Monochrome Lighthouse, Value Study

In week five we focus on the importance of value. Value is the light and dark of the colour spectrum and gives definition and balance to a painting. This is an important skill to learn which requires keen observation of the subject/object.

You will learn to observe your subject broken into areas of value. We will explore monochromatic values which is the value range held within a single colour.

We will create a finished monochrome piece of a lighthouse.

Week Six - Sleeping Cat, Negative Painting

In week six you will learn how to maintain and incorporate the white of the paper to capture the lightest value within a watercolour painting. We will explore ways to protect the whites of the paper, as well as how to build depth with negative shapes and glazing.

This final piece will require all skills gained throughout the previous classes to create a finished artwork of a sleeping cat. You will be amazed at your progress.

Missed Classes

Please do not attend class if you are unwell with cold symptoms. In the event either myself or you are unable to attend the class, I will provide a make-up lesson at the end of the term.

The content of this class may not be specific to the lesson you missed, but it will still cover watercolour techniques and a finished painting.

Covid related absence
Should you have to leave the course due to covid, you may defer the remainder of your course until the next term, or be refunded for the remaining lessons.