Full Length Studio Jan 23

Hello and Welcome.

Thank you for your interest in my art. I’m so glad you’re here. 

Memory, Colour, Connection. These are the spheres that I draw upon when creating my art. 

I am an Australian expressionist artist painting the natural world around me. I portray my experience and interactions with the landscape through my interpretation of colour, feelings and connection with the environment. Expressionism is an art form that often romanticises the subject through the use of bold colours and formations; drawing on emotion and memory. 

I am mostly self-taught, having been driven to draw and paint since childhood and gaining knowledge and skills through daily painting, workshops and short courses. 

I have predominately been a watercolourist for many years before taking up oil painting in 2020. The rich texture and vibrancy of oils have extended my art practice, freeing me to paint in a deeply visceral state. Watercolour and oils are the yin and yang of my deep sense of creativity and I love to paint and explore with both mediums. 

I particularly love to paint Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales – these areas being within hours from my home; and which I regularly visit on day trips or holidays with my family. I am fortunate to live close to forests, plains and the sea, all of which inspire me to paint.

I have recently looked closer to home for inspiration and I am venturing into still life painting. Observing scenes from my everyday surroundings and finding beauty in their simplicity.

In October 2021 I was awarded the inaugural Mervyn Moriarty Landscape Art Prize through the Queensland Regional Art Competition with Flying Arts Queensland, for my painting White Rock - Elemental. This Art Prize was to commemorate 50 Years since Queensland artist Mervyn Moriarty first started the Flying Arts Alliance, making creative and artistic experiences accessible to regional Queensland and New South Wales. This winning artwork was exhibited at the offices of the Consolidated Property Group (prize sponsor) in Brisbane from January 2022 for a period of 12 months, along with the finalists in this landscape category.

White Rock - Elemental, Oil Painting 2021

Another of my artworks White Rock-Blue Sky was selected as a Finalist piece for the Queensland Regional Art Competition and is currently touring selected Queensland Regional Galleries for a two year period with the other finalists and winners of this inaugural competition.

White Rock - Blue Sky, Oil Painting 2021

I hope that my art resonates with your own memories and connections to this beautiful world. 

I am always happy to answer any questions about my art and if you have any queries please get in touch.